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Pokie machines have been entrenched in gambling life for over a century, with the first online pokie machine appearing on the scene in 1995. A lot has changed since this, and since the late 1990s, gambling has made a big move online. This move online means that pokie machines are now more accessible than ever before to just about everyone who wishes to play. Not only has the move online increased accessibility, but it has also increased variety, better volatility and more. With thousands of different titles from hundreds of different software providers is difficult to know which the best paying pokie machines are. There are many different factors that come into play when determining which the best paying pokie machines are. Some of the things that players will need to consider are the software provider, provable fairness, return to player percentage (RTP), and volatility. Above all of these more technical aspects that need to be considered, it is also important that players look into how enjoyable the gameplay is and how enjoyable it is. Some of the factors that can influence the gameplay and how much players enjoy it include things like theme, execution of theme, and features available during gameplay.

Since their move online, the number of titles available to players has exploded. Players can find slots in every different theme with a range of different RTPs volatilities and Gameplay. All of these slots are made with care by software providers. Some of the most well-known and well-trusted software providers in the game include companies like IGT, Play'n Go, Realtime Gaming, BetSoft, Playtech, Nyx Gaming Group/NextGen, NetEnt, and Microgaming. Each of these providers spends hours using the industry's most cutting edge technologies to create cutting edge titles for players to enjoy with good RTPs and volatility. With new games constantly coming out, the best paying pokie machine's title is always up for grabs and there are great RTPs and volatility.

What Role Does RTP and Volatility Play? best paying pokie machines

When looking for the best paying pokie machines, there are a lot of factors that come into play for RTP and Volatility. The three most important factors that players need to look at and understand are the return to player percentage or RTP, the slots volatility, and whether or not the slot is provably fair or not. If players can ensure that all three of these factors are on the money, they are guaranteed to enjoy some of the industries, highest paying pokies.

The best way to know if you are choosing one of the best paying pokie machines is to understand how they work and how their payouts and volatility are determined. The first step in this process is understanding provable fairness. Provable fairness proves that the results of each round played in the game are decided at random and not rigged to favor the player or the casino. Most casinos will state on their site if they are provably fair. If a game is provably fair, its results are generally determined by a random number generator rigorously and routinely tested by uninvested third regulatory boards.

Another thing we are going to take a look at is the return to player percentage or RTP of a pokie. This refers to the percentage of money wagered that players can expect to have returned to them in the long term when playing the pokie. For example, if a pokies RTP or return to player percentage is 98% and a player wagers $100, on average, they will receive $98 back in the long term. The flip side of RTP is the house edge. The house edge refers to the remaining percentage, and it is what the house will make off your wager on average. So if the RTP is 98%, then the house edge is 2%. The higher the RTP, the fewer money players are likely to use. Players can generally find a pokies RTP on their information page. Otherwise, a quick google will provide players with the RTP.

The last thing that players should understand is volatility. The volatility of a pokie refers to the risk that a pokie presents. Volatility is generally broken up into high volatility, medium volatility, and low volatility. A high volatility slot generally comes with high risk and high reward. Players who play slots with high volatility can expect infrequent but significant wins. These slots are generally where players make the biggest wins but also the biggest losses. Low volatility slots are the exact opposite. Posing very low risks, low volatility slots are great for players looking to make small but steady wins. While players can still make big wins on these slots, the likelihood of it happening is much lower. Last but not least are the slots that fall somewhere in the middle. These are the slots that provide players with a more lucky packet type of gaming experience. With a medium risk level, players can go into these slots with a little more ease but still have the opportunity to walk away with the big wins that a high volatility slot provides

Win Big With These Titles

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Not all pokie machines are made equally, and finding the best paying pokie machines takes a little bit of know-how of RTP and Volatility. If you are looking for the pokie machines, then look no further! We have put together a comprehensive list of pokie machines that fit every taste and preference and RTP and Volatility expectations. There is something for every player on this list with a variety of gameplay setups, themes, RTP and volatility percentages and bonus features. Check out our list of the best paying pokie machines with the best RTPs

  • The best paying pokie machine Mega Joker is the epitome of an old-fashioned, classic fruit machine. Created by the renowned and highly revered pokie software provider Netent, players can expect great things from this unassuming pokie. Set up with the traditional five reels and with nostalgic symbols, this big win pokie offers players an impressive Return to Player Percentage or RTP of 99%. This RTP is a rare find in a pokie.
  • The next pokie machine on our list is Monopoly Big Event by Barcrest. This unique pokie can be very difficult to find, as there are not many casinos willing to stock it and its great RTP. This is because of the exceptionally high RTP that the game offers its players. Players who play Monopoly Big Event by Barcrest can expect to find an amazing RTP of 99% that will have players winning big at every turn!
  • Last but not least on our list of best-paying pokie machines is the high return pokie Joker Strike by the well-loved provider Quickspin. As a sequel to the popular Second Strike, pokie players can enjoy an impressive RTP of 98.11% along with a host of new bonuses and features. All of which come together to make this a game not to miss.

Casinos That Offer These Games

Best Paying Pokie Machines

Now that you know which the best paying pokie machines are, it is time to find a first-class casino where you can enjoy the fun. Like pokies, some casinos are better than others. We have put together a list of online pokies casinos that offer players some of the best paying pokie machines and have great reputations, customer support, and bonuses to ensure that you, as a player, get the best out of your pokie playing experience as possible. Here are some of the highest quality and great volatility casinos where players can enjoy their pokie title of choice.

  • 888 Casino - Powered by an impressive list of the industry's best pokie providers, players can expect to find some impressive pokie titles on offer here. If players would like to play Joker Strike, they can play that and other titles here.
  • Casumo Casino - Opening in 2012 Casumo casino puts a great deal of emphasis on providing their players with a first-class gambling experience. One of the ways that they do this is through great pokie titles. If you want to play Mega Joker or any other top pokie game with great volatility, then Casumo is the casino for you.
  • Caesars Casino Playbook - owned and operated by Entertaining Play Limited Casinos Caesars Casino Playbook is one of the few casinos where players can enjoy best paying pokie machines Monopoly Big Event. To enjoy this and other great high RTP and volatility titles, head down to Caesars Casino Playbook today!

Pick Your Favourite and Play

Pokie machines have always been a favorite amongst players of all shapes and sizes, and they are continuously growing in popularity. With so many different pokie titles for players to choose from with great RTP and volatility, there is no doubt that this casino game will continue to go from strength to strength, winning the hearts of gamblers, both new and old. This is all the more likely with free pokie credits.

Looking for the best paying pokie machines can be a little more technical than most players may have expected. We hope that now that you understand the mechanics of what makes a pokie machine one of the best paying pokie machines, you will be able to try them out for yourself. In the meantime, pick your favorite title from our curated list of best paying pokie machines and enjoy some top-class RTP, volatility and gameplay!